Lighting Your Home

The subject of lighting and fixtures deserves special attention, after all it is the thing that breaks the darkness.  I have often found myself turning a light switch to the off position (darkening the room), just so that I can flick the switch back on to see the magic of the light vanish the darkness.  Not to mention the different lumens and intensities, LED capabilities, dimming capabilities.  Yes, dimmers seem to be apart of many applications.  Everyone’s taste and liking to light is different, and there is a type of bulb and fixture that is right for anyone’s home, residence, and business.

Taking an honest look at choosing what kind of lights you would have to in your home especially, depend on a couple of things.  Putting aside the cost of what it may take, I would begin with considering what is necessary.  Things such as task lighting, security lighting, comfortability, and cosmetics are on the top of the list.  Of course, you want lights that are appealing to the eye, but that doesn’t mean that an exquisite light fixture looks good in your living room, as may a simpler styled fixture.

Comfort is in a warm light, and there begins the topic of Kelvins (for a later moment, Kelvins and Lumens).  When the Kelvins get higher, we are coming away from a warm light, and into a whiter light, perhaps landing us in the kitchen, or in a garage where such a light good for working and focusing.  This is what we may call task lighting.

The thing of it is, we always have light among us.  Therefore, if your considering new lighting in a new home, in a remodel, or any type of upgrade to your home, look from the darkness and imagine how the light will fall on the counter tops, walls, and floors of your home.  Light is the faster than the speed of sound, traveling,______ per second!  We have become able to do marvelous things with this thing called electricity.

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